ICCENTRA benefits

How will you benefit from iccentra?

No risks

You are exempt from the risks of non-payment or incorrect transportation

Zero costs

You can have almost zero costs as you don't need a physical store and can work in a hybrid manner from anywhere. Additionally, we provide marketing support to back you up

Network extension

By using Iccentra, you have the opportunity to acquire larger clients that you didn’t have access to until now

How iccentra Works

Make your profile

Register, provide your details, and create the necessary accounts under yours.

Bring Shippers/Carriers

Bring shippers and carriers onto the platform and register them under your account.

Monitoring the transportation

Monitor the transportation processes of your shippers and carriers in progress, ensuring they are completedand running smoothly.

Fulfill your financial obligations

Receive your self-billing invoice following our instructions to receive your payment

What questions do agents typically ask us?

The only prerequisite is to have your own established company for invoicing purposes.
An agent is responsible for bringing shippers and carriers onto the platform, registering them under their account. Additionally, they need to monitor the transportation processes of their shippers and carriers in progress, ensuring they are completed and running smoothly.
No, only shippers and carriers participate in the auction process. Your role is to monitor the transportation after the auction has closed.
We will provide a unified sales and marketing strategy, coordinate your activities to achieve our common goals, and supply you with all the necessary marketing materials.
No, there are no limits. You can bring as many shippers and carriers onto the platform as you want.
Payments will be issued through our platform, with a guarantee of secure and transparent transactions using STRIPE.